Applicable to various processing machines

Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine|Semi Automatic Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


  • For small diameter and thin wall tubes cutting
    Cut diameter range: ø6 -42 mm, are suitable for tubing mills, metal process manufacturers.
  • Fast cutting speed
    Compare with traditional technology, laser cutting speed is higher than sawing. That can increase production capacity by five to eight times.
  • Simple structure, easy to operate
    Quick and easy to replace chuck in 10 minutes, easy to learn and run system in 30 minutes.


Item No YL-AF40
Power 300 - 1500 W (Optional)
Max. Outside Diameter of Round Tubes (mm) ∅6 - ∅42 mm (Customized to ∅120)
Max. Raw Material Length (mm) ⦤ 6200 mm
Pipe Remain Length (mm) 40 mm
Max. Finished Part Length (mm) 1200 mm
Accuracy ±0.1 mm
Machine Dimension (mm) 2300 x 850 x 1498 mm
Machine Weight 1t
Voltage 220 V / 60 Hz  |  380 V / 50 Hz
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