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CNC Tube Bending Machine|CNC Fully Automatic Bending Machine

Auto CNC 12

  • Standard feed length: 1200 mm (can be customized & lengthened according to customer requirements)
  • Servo axis number: 6-axis, machining accuracy: ± 0.05 °
  • Self-diagnostic function, warning alarm for irregularities
  • Power loss safeguard & dual hard disk synchronized data backup to prevent data loss
  • Reversible mode, left & right bending
  • Performs stretch bending or roll bending processing
  • Servo driven, simple tube processing procedure
  • Touch screen controls, clean operating environment, safe, simple, multi-language interface
  • Industrial PC (IPC), touch-screen controls, large memory capacity. Network data transmission & online troubleshooting functions
Revolving arm automatically loads / unloads material.
Reversible mode; performs stretch bending or roll bending processing.
Network communication type servo control system
Industrial PC (IPC) touch screen controls + 6-axis hand-held guidance system.


Automobile / motorcycle brake & fuel tubing, water cooling pipes, air conditioning pipes, car seats, furniture, kitchenware, bathroom fittings, artwork.


Model Type Auto CNC 12
Max Tube OD. Low Carbon Steel ø10 × t1.0 mm
Max Feed Length 1200 mm
Max Bend Angle ±180°
Max Rotation Angle ±360°
Max Bend Radius R40 mm
Max Number of Bends 200
Sleeve Bend Speed 900 RPM/minute
Feed Speed 900 mm/sec
Rotation Speed 600°/sec
Mandrel Bend Speed 900 RPM/minute
Shift Speed 400 mm/sec
Collet Rotation Speed 600°/sec
Precision Sleeve Bend Angle ±0. 05°
Feeding ±0. 05 mm
Rotation ±0. 05°
Mandrel Bend ±0. 05°
Shift ±0. 05 mm
Collet Rotation ±0. 05°
Collet System Jaw Chuck
CNC Controller PC-BASE Controller
Program Input Input using touch screen & hand-held control unit
Memory Storage Capacity Minimum 999,999 files
Axis Control Industry Servo Control Card
Drive Servo
Electrical Capacity Three-phase 380V 15KVA
Size: L × W × H 2400 × 1100 × 1500 mm
Net Weight 1200 kg
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